What We Do

We specialise in activities that get people into the outdoors.
Extreme sport competitions, outdoor festivals, and adventure travel tourism.

  • Festivals

    Tell us what you want and we'll do the heavy lifting. Since we plan our own festivals, we know how to plan yours too.

  • Event Management

    With our experienced team, and connections throughout the industry we can handle anything you throw at us.

  • Adventure Sports

    Our two founding partners love anything with a thrill. We have experience with land and water based sports: from wheels to waves, and dirt tracks to sails. We can organise your competitions, give your event the exposure it needs, and deliver the best event for everyone - be it your clubs, competitors, or audience. We're in it for the adventure.

Who Are We?

The Team currently involved in San Aer.

  • Dominick Whelan

    Dominick Whelan

    Currently in the initial stages of planning his take-over of the world, Dominick manages to balance his career as a super villian with his work as professional blond. He has a five year plan, and we should all be very afraid. Oh crap, he's spotted me - send help pleakjnsdv.fnskn.

  • Colin O'Halloran

    Colin O'Halloran

    With 10 years experience in retail, and a weekend warrior on my mountain bike and BMX, I'm all in for bringing the best extreme sports and adventure festivals the world has to offer to our lovely little island. In between making sandwiches for the kids lunch and doing school runs of course.

Contact Us

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